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EX100-2 Track Roller

EX100-2 Track Roller

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Product Description

EBpart produce high performance and reliability track rollers used for crawler type heavy equipments,such as excavators,dozers,applicable for caterpillar,komatsu,hitachi,daewoo,kobelco,sumitomo,hyundai,samsung,volvo,mitubishi.

Track roller must holds the weight of equipments along with load,it requires precision,strength and durability.

Our track roller for excavators are specially designed, engineered and manufactured for high impact applications.Bulldozer track rollers are designed for applications that call for the maximum wear resistance.

We use good material to ensure quality and consistency.

Our heat treatment process provides hardness in high wear areas,and elastic core to resist shock and impact loads.

Strict quality management to produce effective and stable products,and meet customer's demand.

PC10 PC30 PC40-1 PC50-2/3 PC60
PC60-1/D20(S/F,D/F) PC60-5/6 PC60-7 PC80 PC100/PC100-3
PC120/PC120-1/2/3/4/5/6 PC150-1/5 PC200-1/3/5/6 PC220-3/7 PC240-3
PC280-3 PC300-3/5/6 PC400-3/5 PC450-6 T140(S/F,D/F)
T140-1(S/F,D/F) T120(S/F,D/F) ED3(S/F,D/F) E120B E180
CAT215 CAT235 E240 E200B/E320 CAT311/312
CAT315L/CAT317 CAT318BL/CAT320BL E300/E300B E325 E330/E330L
E450 DH55/130/180 DH220/DH220-3/5 DH280-3 DH330-3
DH300-5EX60-1/2/3(S/F,D/F) EX60-5 EX025 EX100M EX100-1/2/3
EX120-1/2/3/5 EX150-1 EX200-1/2 EX230-5 EX270
EX300-1/2/3/5 EX300-3 EX370-5 EX400-1/3/5 UH10LC
UH07-7 UH083 UH181 HD250 HD400-2/5
HD700/770/800/820/909/1250 SK12/60200 SH300(S/F) SK200-5(Round-Shaft) Sk220/230/250/300
Sk270/LC SH100/120(S/F,D/F) SH160/260 SH200/280/340(S/F,D/F) SH805
R55/210/220/290/420/914 RH6 MS110-3/5 MS180-8 MS240/270
MX10/292 NS120 HE280 T90(S/F,D/F) SD7
Finland550/660 EC210/240/290 K907-2 BD2G D5/30/31(S/F,D/F)
D40/5060/65/80/85(S/F,D/F) D3C/4C(S/F,D/F) D4D/6D(S/F,D/F) D8N/9N(S/F,D/F) D7G/F/E(S/F,D/F)
D85ESS-1/D85A-18(S/F,D/F) D155/D355/D375(S/F,D/F)

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